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Open MRI

The new GE Profile is a patient friendly system that virtually eliminates patient anxiety and claustrophobia without compromising diagnose utility. It is one of the newest technology from GE Medical, absolutely one of the best Open MRI system in health care today.

Advanced Clinical Applications:

  • High resolution thin slice imaging
  • MR Angiography
  • FAT suppression techniques
  • Advance neuro applications

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High Field MRI 1.5

High Field

Sebastian Radiology offers incredible fast acquisitions with high quality multi-slice imaging. Its ability to acquire thinner slices creates sharper images by reducing artifacts. The multislice capability provides increased coverage, better image quality and clinical flexibility for exceptional patient care.

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CT Scan

Full Scan

Our Picker MX Twin High Speed Multislice CT Scanner allows very fast scanning.. so fast in fact that most scans can be performed in less than a minute. these subsecond scans result in much improved quality because of decresased patient motion and fast adquisitions, as usual we have choosen a patient friendly scanning of all patients, large, small and claustrophobic or not.

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Digital Mammography with CAD

Digital Mammomgraphy

At Sebastian Radiology we offer the latest technology in Digital Mammography a more accurate and dependanle screnening procedure with the addition of ( CAD ) Computer Aid Detection the latest technology in detecting early pathology in the breast. With the addition of this technology the time of the procedure is cut to five to eight minutes and discomfort is also reduce 50% due to high sensor detectibility.

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4D Ultrasound





Sebastian Radiology is proud to introduce the new real time 4D Ultrasound technology. With this advanced advanced equipment our sonographers can adquire precise diagnostic images giving the patient and the reffering physician more accurate results.

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Bone Density

Our bone densitometry equipment is the best in its class. The prodigy vision from GE LUNAR determines the exact location and the precise size and shape of the spine and hip to accurately determine bone area, bone mineral content and bone geometry.

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